Strategic WinBack was founded on a simple premise ... 

It's tough and expensive to acquire new customers, but it’s relatively easy and inexpensive to win back old ones. 


Very few companies are aware of the tremendous revenue opportunity lying dormant in their database of past customers, and that means a lot of money is unnecessarily being left on the table. 

Our mission is to shine a light on this under-valued sales growth strategy.  

We're dedicated to making WinBack into new profit centers for clients and getting the word to the business community in general, that past clients are a great untapped source of new sales.

Benchmark Study 

One resource we've created to get the word out and to demonstrate the value of past customers is the Client WinBack Benchmark Study.  

It offers a number of benchmarks, best practices from successful WinBack campaigns and case studies from two of the world's top sales thought leaders (Jeb Blount and Jill Griffin).


Dan Pfister Founder

Dan Pfister has been a marketer for over 20 years and has spent thousands of hours testing and implementing a very wide variety of sales growth strategies. 

In total they’ve generated over 50,000 customers and have allowed him to work with brands like Fidelity Investments and Tony Robbins.

Though many strategies have generated outstanding results for Dan, nothing in his experience has predictably generated revenue faster or more predictably than WinBack.

It was the strength and reliability of WinBack that motivated Dan to found Strategic WinBack and become an evangelist for this under-valued and under-appreciated sales strategy.