Your Best Prospect 
is a Past Customer

Past Customers are Easier to Engage, Easier to Close and More Valuable than New Prospects

Why are Past Customers
Your Best Prospects?

Easier to

It only takes 1-3 touches to engage a past customer.  It takes at least 7X as many touches to engage a new prospect.
(Fanatical Prospecting)

Easier to Close

Past clients predictably convert into sales up to 8X more often than new prospects.
(Marketing Metrics)


Reactivated customers buy more, refer more and are more loyal than new customers. 
(Client WinBack Benchmark Study)

"The average small business loses half its customers within three years." 

WinBack Benchmarks

On average, 26% of past clients return with a WinBack campaign.

Customer Lifetime Value doubles (or more) for returning clients.

Winback campaigns generate $485K on average for small businesses and millions for larger organizations.

Source: Client WinBack Benchmark Study

The WinBack Model™

Identify High Potential Prospects

Identify, evaluate, rank and segment your high potential prospects.

Create a WinBack Offer

Construct an offer and messaging designed to convert large numbers of past customers into new, loyal, high-value customers. 

Re-Engage & Reactivate

Re-establish customer relationships and reactivate the maximum number of high potential prospects.

Optimize Customer Retention

Use the lessons learned from WinBack to optimize customer retention protocols and improve customer acquisition processes.

Short Case Studies

$700K WinBack Sales

A media company in the Mid-West generated over $700K in their first client WinBack campaign.

For years inactive clients were essentially ignored as no one saw much value in them.  That all changed when a new sales manager was hired to run one of the company's smaller branches. 

As this new sales manager went through the CRM, 

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she saw "Dormant" beside a large number of brands and within a week she had created a  strategy to win back those past clients. 

In total, over $700k was generated from that strategy and those WinBack sales put her number over the top and she was awarded Sales Manager of the Year.

This was a huge win because she ran a small office and she beat out managers in all the large branches.

$1.5M WinBack Sales 

An east coast staffing company earned $1.5 million with their first WinBack campaign and many of those returning clients stayed on for years and generated millions more.

.The marketing manager was tasked with generating a ton of sales very quickly and the strategy she went with started with an extra-ordinary first step.

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She immediately stopped all new prospecting and focus all resources on reactivating past clients.

The idea was that sales cycles would be much shorter with past clients and experience had taught her that customers who come back generate more revenue than new clients.

The campaign was a huge success.  In under 6 months over 40% of their lost clients were won back and $1.5M in new sales were created.

WinBack Calculator

Know Your WinBack Numbers

The WinBack Calculator simulates the potential sales and ROI that could be realized with a well-executed WinBack Campaign.